How to download any video from any website (no extra software needed)

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I have used this method for years. This works on almost any video website. YouTube,, RedTube, even that long gone legendary MegaVideo. Theoretically, they (content providers) cannot prevent this method of hacking. They may not give a video download link. But you may download any video you can view on your browser with this method. This is the method used by expert hackers. BTW, does provide a download link, but I'm using this method because it is so easy once you get used to..

You don't need any extra software. I use Chrome for this, but both Chrome and Firefox works (theoretically this should also work on IE8 with Web Developer toolbox though I don't even want to try).

How to do

  • Press F12 key when the YouTube page loads.
  • Go to Network Tab
  • Search for video (look for the last result with largest size/time)
  • Double click that link ('videoplayback' for YouTube, 'video.mp4' for, etc..)
  • Then close the page
  • Your video file will be downloaded once you close that page
    • With little experience you will learn how to select the right file to download.

      Works for most video websites on most computers with latest browsers. Would not work if you have installed too many tool-bars and browser hooks..

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